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Are you a lover of tasty and well prepared Mexican dishes? Then we at Mexita Express Glasgow got you covered. Mexita Express Glasgow is a Mexican Takeaway restaurant in Glasgow. The restaurant prides itself in preparing mouth-watering dishes that leave you asking for more. This is because of the ingredients and recipes that go into preparing these meals. Some of our signature dishes that are uniquely prepared include Enchiladas that include Suiza Enchiladas and Supremo Enchiladas. Quesadillas that include cheesy chicken Quesadillas. Beef and Bean Burrito and Nanchos. On top of this, the restaurant has a great assortment of other accompaniments and main delicacies such as starters, drinks, party buffet, salads, Dips, Kebabs, Pizzas, Ice-cream desserts and Pasta. You can have a look at them on our menu and make a choice of what to enjoy at our restaurant. It is a hope you can get something that you can enjoy.

About Mexita Glasgow menu

At Mexita Express Glasgow, our objective is to prepare tasty delicacies with a touch of class when it comes to Mexican dishes. To successfully do this, we use the best recipes. On top of this, we use fresh ingredients so as to bring out the food’s natural taste. As a result of this, our dishes are savory. Moreover, the food is well presented since we at Mexita Express Glasgow know that visual appeal is everything when it comes to the presentation of food. In the same light, we offer our services professionally with a smile. Our staff, are hospitable and courteous and are always ready to work on your order. As a result of this, our services are rated the best in Glasgow. The reason behind our success is our resilience which we have mustered over the years in the food industry. Consequently, we have learnt what appeals to customers and we work towards achieving this. We are also a restaurant that values feedback be it positive, criticism or queries. We handle such information with the seriousness that it deserves. So that our customers remain satisfied at all times. 

Mexita Glasgow restaurant

Mexita Express Glasgow is located in 212 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G1 5DS. You can pay us a visit physically any day and sample some of our delicacies that are on offer. On top of this, you can access our services via our mobile app. To successfully do this you first need to download our app from Google Play store for your Android devices and from App store for all your Apple devices. Once you download the app, you can have a look at the menu and later place your order. Thereafter, you can visit the restaurant to pick your order. Once we receive your order, we will start working on it and you are assured that by the time you make your way you will find it already prepared. Furthermore, we offer delivery services in the restaurant’s locality thus you can enjoy the meal in the comfort of your own space without the hassle of physically going to the restaurant. Sample some of the delicacies at Mexita Express Glasgow and I assure you we won’t disappoint you.